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Our newsletter, win prizes, get good advice and we propose the latest offerings for the first, to discover that the great offers the first to know! E-mail: e-mail, email must be valid Submit20/03/2015. Since the writer, fog prevents the devil was really what the primitive. So I thought that I have a nice stories, full of references to the Greeks, Seneca and Cicero, in written form, angry I'm Marat, the allegro Montaigne and other moralists free, ladies and gentlemen, I give my humble opinion about the capital city of Aristegui beat if I reminded me that truth is another dark this punishment, but full of men of wisdom to support very small doses of the truth. He encouraged me, showers and thoughtful consideration, how they endure this beautiful grace, that is, what they intend to say, pour back into correspondence one can say what you want, in a beautiful part of the dialectic, which at the time that the parties are not in front and the discussion on one end that used my ways: civilized, a cake from one to another in the mouth. Not lying when I say that I have two or three nights without sleep, thinking about this question, which the House is so expensive. Truth, objectivity and accuracy and up to moral authority, problems that are useful for quotes, moral judgments, the Filipicas against the bad but covered very well in this other than: stop the thread in the diluent. I even thought about returning to write and write a story as the tale with a moral, a man who decided to give that tells the truth, the world might lack teeth, only marbles as primitive animals. As people and perhaps morality, said it was normal, it was supposed to be great and a wildlife very offensive to others to go. TOSTI, I was also reminded of the history of the Sergeant as a camp Assistant Lieutenant Picton in the Napoleonic wars, characterized by their complete stupidity for weapons, for a man of the mind, accustomed to more democratic, characterized their decisions because they still on their officers. In the great battle of Waterloo, called Picton TOSTI, before becoming the guardian, if the hiccups of La Haye Sainte. -Do you think it is going to rain, Sergeant? -If you think, imprisoned, Mr-reacts with nature and respect that the Sergeant. Later, when you call the Hanoveranos of Kings German Legion, which new Picton martial his sergeant. -Do you think it's time to surrender or we have to fight until we actually have the chops? -Dale OK-said TOSTI, well if you think it better to destroy the us, also, Mr President, appointed Mr. Later, with bold Napoleon on each side, with the Prussians in the course, Sergeant exceed seriously examined and tells him: I said, ' Lord, Lord orders: so, always in the presence. In addition, there were issues of the anthology in informative dialectic between the officer and his subordinates. English, reaching Lieutenant balls cry:-you are a perfect pet, a monkey, a pig. Yes Sir, my family told me I had the brain of a low tide, Mr Kopf. Sergeant is already so nothing short of the fact because it was fun with the dilemma of accession has General Court or Picton Democrat trying to occupy the body stay there after forever in the eyes of their orbits. Say that I'm not sure about, Sergeant were hell because he was Blessed time, let the story of absurdity and minor characters and take care of obese, as we have warned Louis XVIII, who already was waiting right now, which occur before and not after prolonged Versailles can take. Now fell to Bill, that some human affairs and this unit, namely the truth not only in the shirt of eleven employees are social prestige, when it decided to recognize-and a way to shy away from a white lie-this question, the woman tell me Aristegui worries me less tuition Vehiculefrais property for my children, and to the increase in the cost of eggs. So was my article, I thought it when I come in my working room to advance in this direction, because today my classes at the University, garcinia cambogia 1300 dosage where I have to say Gauguin, against what he thinks, that there was no way degenerated and unbearable van Gogh healthier del Santo, among other nonsense lost to my students. Already in the team, has noticed that my subscription runs that in order to use the program, where I write, I have a copy, saying that use the text editor to write nonsense, I can imagine, but remember that it is prohibited to make commercial use for me. The dilemma, not without ethical implications (make, Mr can be stolen by Bill Gates?) The sky I miss, I, if I do such villainy), know that if this article I agree that Build with a fat and definitely will end with my bone in prison. A 1 trillion fraud commit pesos, learns that is what people with exorbitant social prestige and nobody wants to have. a servant uses Mr. Gates and nothing, a matter of two sides and deserved wrote an article that carries the weight of the local Government Act. Luckily, I found that these lines have no commercial value, so I give you the free press consciousness. I tried the home goalkeeper, to read a garden of babies, I bought it. He had read with protesters, as if it had been written in Persian or esoteric treatise full of heresies. When I asked if it was frankly, worth something, I put on the page and told me that the next time time of the oldest took my home. Now, it is a sincere man. .